Kudos must also be given to Hannah Neale, whose beautiful illustrations accompany the book.  Her images are bold and bright, and they accentuate the story with humor and heart—and occasionally horror, for those who are offended by spirited depictions of princesses slurping soup and dragons burping at the dinner table!

John Valeri, Hartford Books Examiner  (


“When I commissioned Hannah to produce a new poster for my new trumpet show it was somehow with a trembling heart, as I had never worked with her before, but my worries were immediately dismissed, as Hannah from the very beginning of the project sensed what it was I was after. When seeing the final result I was amazed with how my musical, somewhat diffuse thoughts had been transformed into a beautiful, colourful and witty poster.”

Finn Xavier Larsen

“For what my endorsement is worth, I got in touch with Hannah re illustrating a story I’ll be printing this year. Some of you may even remember the Ten Minute Witch:

Hannah sent some sample illustrations and they’re fantastic. Without even sending guidelines, she’s come up with some ideal pictures for our story. My publishing company offered her the job.

If you need an illustrator, drop her a line.”

Pete Malicki

“I can’t praise hr neale illustrations enough! They have taken our, often vague and ill-defined, requirements and produced excellent work in a very timely manner.
We are now using their artwork as part of our corporate identity and as our web site has over 2 million hits a month this is very important to us and our success.”

Paul Blackburn   Write Out Loud

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